Surreal Drawing Animal and Human

Surreal Drawing, half man and half deer

Animal Drawing by Jono Dry Art

Animals are part of us, humans. Beautiful drawing.

Frog Drawing by Jono Dry

Frog hunts down the fly – pencil drawing by Jono Dry

Surreal drawing – Frog

Surreal drawing of half frog and half butterfly

Animal Drawing – hunting

Perfect and realistic pencil drawing by Jono dry.

Monkey Drawing

Surreal Drawing, Half-Monkey and Half-Man

Lion Drawing sitting on the palm of the hand

Hyper realistic lion sitting on the palm of the human hand – drawing by Jono Dry

Beautiful Butterfly Drawing

Surreal and beautiful butterfly drawing. #eyes #amazing

lion on the palm of the hand drawing

Animal Drawings by Jono Dry

Jono Dry is the exceptional artist! He was born in South African city Pretoria and he currently lives in Cape Town. His artworks were seen by the thousands on the various exhibitions, his website and Facebook Page.

You can find a lot of motives in his art. Most remarkable are the animal drawings with a surreal elements. His imaginative work reminds the famous pieces of Hieronymus Bosh or Salvador Dali.

Jono’s favourite technique is the graphite on the paper or board. Check his incredible animal drawings and dive to the fantastic world of Jono Dry.

Animal Drawing of the Frog

Prayer - Surreal Drawing Frog Realistic Drawing

Realistic Iguana Drawing Animal Drawing - Lion in the Palm Of the Hand Butterfly's Eyes Drawing

Surreal Drawing

Monkey Drawing - Politicians

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