Cara Delevingne Drawing

Drawing, Celebrity, Cara Delevingne, Black and White drawing

Pharrell Williams Drawing

Pharrell Williams, Drawing, Pencil drawing, black and white drawing

Taylor Swift Drawing

Drawing of Taylor Swift

Angelina Jolie Pencil Drawing

Angelina Jolie, Drawing, Pencil Drawing

Johnny Depp Pencil Drawing

Johnny Depp Drawing, Pencil Drawing

Celebrity Drawing of Rihanna

Celebrity Drawings by Agata Prokopova

Agata Prokopova is young artist from a small village in Slovakia. She’s only 14 and likes to draw portraits of celebrities, members of her family and pets. After 9 months of training, her portrait drawings are pretty impressive! What do you think?

Drawing of Cara Delevingne

Drawing of Cara Delevingne

Happy Pharrell Williams

Drawing of Pharrell Williams

Celebrity Drawing of Rihanna

Drawing of Rihanna

Taylor Swift

Drawing of Taylor Swift

Angelina Jolie

Drawing of Angelina Jolie

Johnny Depp Drawing

Drawing of Johnny Depp

Check her Facebook page Drawings&Photos!

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    I love art please update me with da latest art works paintings.

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