bear yawning at morning

Drawing of the cutest bear yawning and holding cup of morning coffee

cup of bear

Drawing of a cute bear on a cup

cute bear and wolf

Cute bear and wolf are camping in the forrest. Beautiful drawing.

cute bear home security

Drawing of a bear holding the house to protect the family

cute bear in garden

Drawing of the cutest bear gardening

cute bear on boat

Illustration of a bear and girl in boat throwing a little sea picnic

cute bear under table

Drawing of a bear eating under table

moving bear

Illustration of a cute black bear moving with a car on his back

swimming bear

drawing of a bear swimming with a family on his belly

bear and bird kite flying

Illustration of a bear with a bird on his nose kite flying

cute bear cover

Drawing of a cute bear in the garden planting the trees

cute bear cover drawing

Drawing of a cute bear in the garden planting the trees

bear under table

Cute bear eating under the table with a friend

bear drawing that is so beautiful

Cute Bear Drawings by Liekeland

Liekeland is a label founded by a female artist Lieke van der Vorst. Her cute bear drawings are full of colors, empathy and softness. The artist creates the fantastic world that can remind us the fairy tales from our childhood.

The major source of Lieke’s inspiration is her garden, cooking, going to market, drinking tea and of course her friends and family. Dozens of art exhibitions in Netherlands and Belgium show the popularity of her beautiful drawings.

Look at this cute bear!

Cute black bear

Are we moving?

Bear in boat illustration

Little boat trip

Drawing of the cutest camping ever

Cutest camping ever!

Cute bear in the garden drawing

Cute bear loves gardening

Bear under the  table drawing

Little party never killed nobody

Drawing of a bear holding the house

Cutest home security

Swimming bear drawing

Bear the guardian

Illustration of a bear kite flying

Kite flying

Cute bear yawning at the morning

Good morning bear

Bear drawing on cup

I want this cup of bear!

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