stag beetle drawing

Smiling man portrait

sad girl portrait

girl portrait

girl looking up portrait

foxglove drawing

Dan Smith And Other Portraits by Jessica Reeves

Jessica Reeves is 16 years old and come from Essex in England. She has an absolute passion for art, and is most relaxed and content when drawing or painting. Her favourite subject to draw is portraits because she enjoys drawing pictures of people that are special to her and also love the process of all the attention to detail required.

Jessica’s favourite artist is Grayson Perry, because his art pieces are visually beautiful but also have brilliant stories and meanings behind them, a lot of which she can really relate to as a teenager in the 21st Cenrury.

Realistic portrait of Dan Smith, Bastille

Dan Smith, Bastille

Portrait of a sad girl

Jessica’s sister Annie

Girl looking up portrait drawing

Looking up

Youn girl thinking portrait

Color portrait

Drawing of the stag beetles

Stag Beetles

Foxglove pencil drawing


If you like Jessica’s drawings, chcek out her Instagram account.

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