Digital sketch

Digital sketch – Frustration and Hopelessness

Digital Sketch Fatsy

Fat Man Digital Sketch.

Creepy Digital Drawing

Food – Digital Drawings, Fat Man Wants To Eat

Digital Drawing

The Last Joke, Drawing, Joker

Pencil Drawing Dragon

Drawing, Pencil Drawing,

Color Drawing – Mother sSeak

Drawing, Digital Drawing, Color Drawing

disgusting drawing

Digital Drawings That Give You the Creeps

WHO IS DAVID MARCIN? He’s young but experienced artist who has attended to a couple of art schools. Currently he’s studying the graphics and illustration at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where he also lives.

WHAT IS HIS FAVOURITE SUBJECT? David is fascinated by the dark side of the society. Violence, fear and disgust are the main motives you can find in his digital drawings. He often combines the traditional drawing techniques with the digital tools.

WHERE DOES HE PUBLISH HIS WORK? Since 2011 his work is published regularly in a Czech horror magazine Howard. He’s also the co-author of a comic book Open Placket in the World of Literature and the author of an award-winnig book Before and After.

Digital Painting

The Last Joke – Digital Painting

Frustration and Hopelessness

The Frustration and Hopelessness of Existence – Digital Sketch

Drawing - Twelve-Headed Dragon

The Twelve-Headed Dragon – Pencil Drawing

Creepy Drawing

The Food – Digital Drawing

Fatsy - Digital Sketch

The Fatsy – Digital Sketch

Mother Steak - Digital Drawing

The Mother Steak – Digital Drawing

Check more of David’s digital drawings in his online profiles at Behance and Tumblr.

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