creepy face illusion drawing

3D drawing of scary face with one eye looking

kittens love to be 3D

Cute 3D drawing of kittens

kids drawing illusion

Optical illusion of kids drawing themselfs

hip hop album cover

3D drawing of architectural optical illusion

happy birthday elephant

Cute 3D drawing of elephant holding flowers

fishing drawing illusion

Young artist is fishing – 3D drawing

fighter 3D drawing

Pencil drawing of fighters flying above the papers

cute 3D drawing of young couple

Optical illusion drawing of young couple

creepy look illusion drawing

3D drawing of young lady looking through the paper looks scary

pencil drawing illusion

artist ramon bruin

Optical illusion portrait of artist fighting with pencil

3D optical illusion boat

Ship drawing – amazing optical illusion drawing

3D drawing of skull

Amazing optical illusion of skull is scary

3D drawing of sharks

Amazing 3D drawing of sharks swimming on the papers

zebra optical illusion

Amazing optical illusion drawing of zebra drinking water

skull 3D drawing

Optical illusion drawing of skull and butterflies flying around


Pencil 3D drawing of rocks and pencils – optical illusion

people and dogs

3D drawing illusion of dogs and architecture

3D drawing of scary eyes

Meet the Master of Optical Illusion Drawing

These artworks will definitely take your breath away! Dutch artist Ramon Bruin is the master of optical illusion drawing.

His unique artistic style called “optical illusionism” became world-famous in 2012 when he made worldwide breakthrough with his works.

Ramon usually uses graphite pencil, but sometimes draws with color pencils or acrylics. His favorite drawing objects are wild animals, kittens, kids, buildings or fantastic creatures like dragons. You can find a couple of selfportraits in his collection too.

Some of his artworks are also pretty scary and little bit creepy. Just check out his drawings of skulls or demons that reminds us the darkest stories written by H. P. Lovecraft.

 Amazing 3D Illusion Drawings

Beautiful 3D drawing of zebra drinking water

Drinking water

Illusion drawing of sharks

Sharks on paper

3D kittens drawing

Kittens love to be 3D!

Water dragon 3D drawing

Don’t touch it

3D optical illusion drawing of fishing

Let’s go fishing

3D drawing of elephant

Happy birthday!

3D drawing portrait of artist

Fighting artist

Cute 3D drawing of young couple

Cute couple

Illusion drawing of dogs on the roof

Dogs & architecture Illusion

Amazing 3D drawing of a skull with butterflies

Amazing skull drawing with butterflies

3D drawing of skull

Scary skull

3D drawing of wooden ship on the water

Wooden ship on the water

Hip Hop album cover 3D drawing

This is actually a Hip Hop album cover

3D optical illusion of person looking through the paper

Don’t look at me!

Creepy face 3D drawing

Creepy face

3D illusion drawing of fighters flying above the papers

Fighters above the fields of paper

3D drawiing of rocks and pencils

Rocks & Pencils

Kids drawing - optical illusion

Kids love to draw

Follow Roman Bruin on his Facebook Page or check out his website.

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