Young girl portrait

Pencil portrait of an young girl

handsome boy portrait

lovely girl drawing

melancholic look portrait

Sad and melancholic girl pencil portrait

Motion sketch

Windy weather – girl in motion drawing

Mysterious look sketch

Sketch of an young girl with mysterious look

Pirate girl drawing

Pencil drawing of a young girl with a pirate eye

Sexy lips drawing

Beautiful and provocative girl with sexy lips drawing

Smoking girl drawing

Smoking girl with a beautiful haircut drawing

Smoking man sketch

Beautiful man smoking sketch

winter fashion drawing

yawn drawing

Beautiful girl yawning portrait drawing

Eyes drawing

Sexy girl portrait sketch

Portrait Sketches: We Are all Human Beings

Remember the beautiful still life drawings by Jenny Mörtsell? Now we decided to show you this talented Swedish artist from another point of her drawing life – the portrait sketching.

We guarantee you that these artworks will make you feel the humanity and life in all its fullness.

Beautiful Portrait Sketches

Melancholic girl portrait sketch

Melancholic girl portrait

Pencil drawing portrait of an young and beautiful girl

Young girl pencil portrait

Handsome boy smoking pencil sketch

Smoking & sexy!

Smoking girl portrait sketches

Beautiful haircut!

Girl with a pirate eye drawing portrait

Pirate eye

Motion drawing of a woman


Girl with a mysterious look sketch

Mysterious look

For more beautiful drawings visit Jenny’s Flickr profile.

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