beautiful girl portrait

fashion illustration girl

Half-naked girl fashion drawing

girl in water sketch

Girl in underwear drawing

Drawing of a seductive girl dressed only in underwear lying in bed.

girl with horns drawing

Seductive girl with horns drawing

girl with rabbits drawing

Sexy girl with rabbits in a bed.

Look at me girl drawing

Sexy girl looking in a yellow body suit.

mickey mouse girl portrait

Girl dressed like Mickey Mouse – drawing / portrait

mickey mouse girl drawing

Mickey Mouse girl drawing looking at me.

native american girl drawing

Portrait of a sexy and seductive girl with Indian Headband

nude girl drawing

Girl Seductive Drawing

Sexy and seductive drawing of a hipster girl with eyeglasses

seductive girl drawing

Drawing of a sexy and seductive girl lying in a bed.

Sexy Girl Drawing

Drawing of a topless and seductive girl dressed in a yellow body suit.

Sexy Girl Drawing

Sexy and topless girl drawing.

Portrait drawing of hipster girl looking through sunglasses

Seductive Drawings by Kelly Thompson

Seductive. Warm. Beautiful. These three words sum up the drawings of a professional illustrator and photographer, Kelly Thompson. She graduated with a Bachelor of Design from Massey University in Wellington, then she moved to Melbourne, where she lives and creates.

Kelly loved drawing from an early age. When she was a kid, she liked to draw a 3D houses and city scenes. But nowadays her favorite drawing objects are the young women and girls. Check out her beautiful portraits that are full of sexual tension.

These Drawings Will Seduce You

Seductive drawing of a young girl with eyeglasses

Hipster girls are hot!

Drawing of a sexy and topless girl in a yellow body suit

Seduction at its best

Seductive girl looking at me

Look at me

Fashion illustration of a half-naked girl

This is fashion!

Drawing of a sexy girl

Seduce me, please!

Sexy girl with a bunch of rabbits lying in bed.

Rabbits are hot

Drawing of a sexy girl lying in bed


Drawing of a seductive girl dressed in underwear.


Seductive Roleplay Portraits

Portrait of a girl dressed like a Mickey Mouse

I am Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Gril portrait

I don’t hurt you

Drawing of a girl with Indian Headband

Indian headbands are sexy

Drawing of a girl with horns

I am not evil

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