Beautiful street graphic

Beautiful street graphic by Miles Lewis

Neighbourhood drawing

Amazing graphic of neighbourhood and town

Dead squirrel drawing

Dead squirrel on the sidewalk gaphic by young and talented artist Miles Lewis.

Lights and shadows graphic

Street graphic that shows the street covered with lights and shadows.

dead squirrel on the street graphic

Graphic of a dead squirrel on the sidewalk

parking lot sketch

dead squirrel drawing

Drawings of San Fernando Valley by Miles Lewis

Ever heard of Miles Lewis? He is a 25-year-old artist living in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. We took a look at his beautiful drawings that depict the lonely and silent streets of a city.

Miles Lewis runs a workshop for drawing, painting, and printmaking classes. You can find some of his print projects at Valley Print Studio.

His favorite draftsmen are Egon Schiele, Andrew Wyeth, Willem De Kooning, Lucien Freud, Kathe Kollwitz, and the watercolorist Benjamin Bjorklund.

“I love drawing, because it reminds us, however much we know of what we’re looking at, that our vision of the world is a moving invention. Line is very important to me and accounts for my favorite artists as well as my choice of media.”

Drawings of San Fernando Valley

Parking lot drawing

Parking lot

Dead squirrel on the sidewalk drawing

Dead squirrel on the sidewalk

Black and white street graphics by Miles Lewis

Silent street

Neighbourhood drawing by Miles Lewis


Lights & Shadows graphic of a street

Lights & Shadows

Do you love the artworks of Miles Lewis? Check out his online portfolio and Instagram profile.

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