Afro haircut drawing

Portrait of a young girl with afro haircut and dangerous look

Amazing fox drawing

Black and white fox drawing by Rene Campbell

Art nouveau colorful portrait

Modern art nouveau portrait drawing of young and beautiful girl

Black and white fashion sketch

Fashion sketch of a young woman in black and white dress

Cute garden bear

Cute bear in the garden drawing

Disgust drawing

Disgust drawing by slovakian artist David Marcin

Gary Oldman portrait drawing

Gary Oldman realistic pencil drawing

Native american girl drawing

Portrait drawing of native American girl

Robin Tunney portrait drawing

Robin Tunney portrait drawing

Surreal frog drawing

Little frog on the top of the finger

Detailed drawing of eyes behind glasses

Top 10 Drawings of 2014!

Happy New Year to everyone! We at Young Drawings really loved the old one, so we took a look on every drawing published on our website last year and picked the top 10 drawings of 2014. Are you ready to take this artistic trip? Here we go!

Rose by Jenny Mortsell

Beautiful girl with a afro haircut portrait drawing

Dangerous look

We really love the soft tones in this incredible portrait. You can’t tell if the girl is just sad or angry, but that look and eyes and everything have to touch your soul.


Gary Oldman by Hubert Buras

Realistic pencil drawing portrait of Gary Oldman

Portrait of unknown old man

Who is this old man? Gary f**king Oldman! He’s the most charismatic actor of all living actors in the Universe. This realistic pencil portrait is just awesome. No more words needed.


Robin Tunney by Eigen-Art

top 10 drawings - celebrity Robin Tunney

Beautiful celebrity drawing

Robin Tunney is a Beauty! This drawing created by Eigen-Art perfectly underlines her prettiness, so we just couldn’t leave her out of the top 10 drawings.


Cute Bear in the Garden by Liekeland

Cute drawing of bear gardening

Cute bear loves the garden

Cutest bear ever. Just look at Liekeland’s fantastic drawings full of cute bears, animals and plants. She created a world you will never want to leave.


Frog Drawing by Jono Dry

Frog drawing sitting on the tip of the finger

Surreal frog drawing

You can’t resist this amazing “frog or fly” drawing. Animal Drawings by Jono Dry are full of imagination and are technically perfect.


Role Play Portrait by Kelly Thompson

Native American girl portrait

Almost Native American

You have to see the seductive portraits by Kelly Thompson. Her art is full of young and beautiful girls that make your heart stop.


Fashion Illustration by Olivia Elery

Woman in a black and white dress fashion sketch

Black and white fashion

Do you like fashion illustration? If yes, you would definitely like the fashion sketches by Olivia Elery.


Colorful Girl by Mercedes deBellard

Beautiful Art Nouveau portrait

Art Nouveau of the 21st century

Alphonse Mucha was the leading figure of the Art Nouveau movement. That was some hundred years ago and now we can adore the beautiful drawings by Mercedes deBellard.


Amazing Fox Drawing by Rene Campbell

Amazing black and white  fox drawing

Amazing fox drawing

The unique ornamental style of Rene Campbell will take your breath away. We didn’t hesitate to pick this fox drawing to the top!


Disgust by David Marcin

Drawing of a fat man full of disgust

A reflection of society?

Art isn’t always beautiful. This digital sketch shows us the reflection of the dark side of society. Disgust, fear and horror are the essential elements of David’s drawings.

And what is your favorite drawing of 2014? Let us know! 🙂

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